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Drain Clearance

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One of the key services we provide is clearing blocked drains on an emergency basis. This involves anything from unblocking main drains down to everyday domestic work: clearing blockages from sinks, baths, basins, toilets, urinals and waste pipes.

We carry out domestic, commercial and insdustrial work and see no job as too big or too small. 

In addition to drain clearing we also offer a drain cleaning service to customers experiencing reccurring problems in their drains caused by a build up of fats and grease or other various blockages.

To do this we use a high pressured jet of water upto 6000psi which breaks up the blockages and flushes them away.

Tel: 01793 617991 or E-mail: aa.drainaway@btconnect.com

Drain Repair

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Excavation and renewal can be carried out on damaged drains which are beyond repair by use of the lining method.

Disruption is kept to a minimum.

New drainage is constructed from new UPVC pipework of the appropriate dimensions.

The new pipework is laid in a shingle based filling before the excavation trench is backfilled.

All quotations are provided free of charge.

Tel: 01793 617991 or E-mail: aa.drainaway@btconnect.com

CCTV Surveys

Builders and consruction sites need to ensure all their sewers and drains are working properly. To do this we provide them with a cctv survey with full report.

Our cameras fit any pipe size from 100mm - 450mm. We record all of our survey for you so you see exactly what the camera sees.

We then produce a full report of all our findings, giving you details on the exact state of your drains and informing you of any problems and their exact location.

We also provide you with a video or dvd for your own records.

We can advise you how best to deal with any problems that arise and offer you a full range of services to resolve them.

CCTV Surveys are ideal for builders or landlords to ensure or prove their drain and sewer systems are in good working order. They provide a solution to locating problems in the pipelines without the need for un-necessary digging.

Tel: 01793 617991 or E-mail: aa.drainaway@btconnect.com

24Hr Emergency Service

AA drainaway works around the clock to help you. Blocked sewers and drains are a smelly inconvenience and a health hazard to people, animals and the environment.

If you have a blockage or a sewage spill call us now. We will respond to your call within a maximum of 2 hours to help you get your home or workplace back to normal and minimise any health risk as soon as possible.

Our fleet can deal with several emergencies at any one time so we won't leave you stuck. Our wide range of equipment and trained staff enables us to deal with everything from a blocked loo to a major sewage spill.

Tel: 01793 617991 or E-mail: aa.drainaway@btconnect.com

Drain Locating

Not sure where your drains go to or the actual course they take?

Have manholes become buried?

This happens regularly and presents lots of problems especially when a blockage occurs or some new building work is planned.

AA Drainaway can help by tracing where your sewers and drains are and where they go. Using our CCTV camera and other specialist equipment we can tell you all about the pipes, their condition, the connections and where they all go. So if you have a connection to make to an existing drain you will know exactly where to dig.

Using metal detectors and sonar scanning we can also find water mains, power and other utility lines so you know where to dig to find these or avoid them. We can find and uncover buried manholes for you

Tel: 01793 617991 or E-mail: aa.drainaway@btconnect.com

Water Main Repairs and Pipe Replacement

When an underground water pipe bursts we are able to excavate down, locate the leak and carry out repairs.

All depending on the amount of damage caused we can carry out small repairs and even fit whole new water pipes running from the external stop tap to the internal stop tap.

Disruption is kept to a minimum and all work is carried out as quickly as possible.

Tel: 01793 617991 or E-mail: aa.drainaway@btconnect.com